The Swenson line of drying equipment has been manufactured since the chemical engineering pioneer Magnus Swenson founded the company in 1889. Swenson’s extensive line of drying equipment allows our engineer to select the most optimal solution for a wide variety of drying problems.

Swenson long ago recognized the customer’s need for product testing. The information available through testing is crucial to the success of the ultimate full-scale production application.

Using firsthand dryer test results obtained in the Swenson Test Center, our engineers can assist customers in making knowledgeable decisions about drying techniques and recommend the appropriate, full-scale production equipment. The test center, located in Harvey, Illinois, is a completely equipped laboratory able to pretest, in either production or pilot operations, virtually any product.

In addition to crystallization and evaporation testing equipment, the test center maintains a variety of dryers exclusively for testing purposes. These include a steam tube dryer, a fluid bed dryer, a suspension (flash) dryer, a mixed-flow spray dryer, a parallel-flow spray dryer, and a rotary air swept dryer.

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